10 months ago
Whoever said money can't buy happines, has never bonded a loved one out of jail. This was a great help from a great company!! Thank you to the TMZ Ladie for bailing my husband out in our time of need! We counted on the ladies at TMZ Bail Bonds here in Glendale to first collect payments over the phone and write the bail bond in Glendale police station, my husband was released from his DUI case within house! I paid a cheap fee compared to what my entire bond ammount was, and overall am really happy to get this over with! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the TMZ Gals!
- Holly H

About our Glendale Bail Bonds

While the total cost of a Glendale bail bond is not negotiable, there are some agencies who will work with you to help make paying easier. Many will accept bail bond payments made with credit cards, and others will offer to make a payment plan. There should never be any additional costs or fees if the agency offers a payment plan.

Once your loved one is released from jail, it’s important to help them get back on track. Make sure that they show up for all of their court appearances and follow the rules set by the court and bondsman. The last thing either of you want is for the bond to be revoked and your loved one to have to return to jail. Remember, once you sign for a bond, you will be held responsible for the defendant.

There is no such thing as a “cheap bail bond.” That’s just a ploy some agencies will use to draw you in. Keep in mind that if they are willing to break the law in this instance, in what other ways will they bend the rules? Don’t get fooled by these empty promises by unscrupulous companies.

Surety bonds, commonly known as a bail bonds, are contracts between a state licensed bail agent and the signer or cosigners and guaranteeing that a defendant will appear for scheduled court appearances.

Basically, in the event of failure to appear,  the signers of the bail bond contract agree to pay the court the full amount of the bond.

If you are considering bailing someone out of jail, it is important that you know how the process works and understand your responsibilities.

I can answer your specific questions or provide more Glendale bail bond information 24 hours a day.


The purpose of the bail system is to guarantee the appearance of a criminal defendant in court.
The bail system was imported to the U.S. from England in Colonial times and has origins dating back to medieval times.
Statistically, the bail system works well and costs taxpayers nothing as bail agents are underwritten privately.

As a licensed bail agent, I am dedicated to providing you with bail bond information including how California bail bonds work, the bail system, cost and the approval process.

This is likely a difficult time in your life and Bail Bonds can get you through the process quickly. I hope you will find the following information about California bail bonds helpful.

When someone is arrested, the defendant, a friend, or relative will contact a bail bond company. During the free phone consultation, most companies will collect basic information about your situation in order to determine the risk involved in the bail bond and begin the approval process.

If you choose to move forward with a bail bond, basic documents will be processed and need to be signed. These include a bail bond application, Indemnity Agreement, and receipt.

After the paperwork is finalized, a licensed agent will file, or “post”, the bond with the jail which will result in the release of the defendant.
Again, jail facilities vary in the amount of time to process the bond and release the detainee.
From start to finish, this bail agency will generally complete the paperwork and posting process in 1-2 hours. For this service, the customer is charged a bail bond fee (generally 10% of the full bail amount, which is mandated by state law). Get in touch with our Glendale bail agents today in Arizona. 

If the defendant is not bailed out or otherwise released, she or he will usually remain in custody until arraignment and potentially until the matter has been resolved in court.

The benefit of being released on bail is that the defendant will have time obtain qualified legal services and present the case in a complete manner.

One consideration in deciding to use a bail bondsman is collateral, which may or may not be required.  For the most part, it’s up to the bondsman if collateral is required for the bond. While not always the case, most bondsmen will require collateral equaling and sometimes exceeding the amount of the bond. One hundred-fifty percent (150%) of the bond as collateral is a traditional number in the bail industry. Collateral covers the bail company if the defendant fails to appear in court and needs to be found and returned to jail or court.
The factors that the bondsman will look at when deciding about collateral requirements include the amount of the bail, the amount of time the defendant and the indemnitor (the person signing the bail bond contract) have lived in the area and the need of a payment plan. Basically, the bondsman is determining risk. The higher the risk, the more likely the need for collateral.

Collateral, when required, is most often in the form of real estate (meaning your home). Collateral will be returned at the conclusing of the criminal case. Understandably, most people don’t want to put up their house for a bail bond — not to mention that these days many people don’t have substantial equity in their homes.

The most important thing a person will need to remember about being released on bail bonds is that their case is not automatically over.  Their case will still need to be heard and decided by a judge.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you were released from custody through the help of a bondsman, you skip bail and cannot be located for six months, the person who cosigned for you will need to shell out your full bail amount. Give our Arizona Glendale bail bonds today. 

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